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"The science shows that the secret to high performance isn't our biological drive or our reward-and-punishment drive, but our third drive - our deep-seated desire to direct our own lives, to extend and expand our abilities, and to make a contribution." 

- Daniel Pink, Drive 

About Me

I am a mom, leader, coach, speaker, strategist, advocate and athlete.


My mission is to help individuals and organizations consciously decide who they want to become and then help them design the process to make that transformation happen.


I deeply value courage, learning, leadership and joy - which is exactly what it takes to step into a new way of leading, a new career, or a new life.


You can change how you lead. 


You can change your life.


I can help. 


"It's not easy to know who we are underneath the stories others tell about us and the labels society heaps upon us. To do so implies a willingness to take risks, to step in to the unknown and choose courage over fear."  - Sharon Salzberg, Real Love

How I Can Help You

As a coach, I work with you 1-on-1 to help you shape your goals, identify and move through what is blocking you from reaching them, and create a plan of action. While our work together may be focused on overall life satisfaction or more specifically on leadership, all coaching work is focused on you - your goals, your thoughts and beliefs, your motivations, your ownership and your action. Learn more about what coaching is - and isn't - in the FAQs here. 

I have worked with Big 4 firms and start-ups, companies running on EOS and companies running on fumes. 

My goal in every workshop and course is the same: to create the space for curiosity, connection, insight and teamwork. While each workshop is customized to meet your specific goals, topics can include:

  • Strategic

    • Mission, Vision & Values 

    • Organizational Reputation 

    • Prioritization and Alignment 

  • Team 

    • Improving Communication ​

    • Effective Feedback 

    • Constructive Conflict 

  • Individual Leadership Development

    • Authenticity & Vulnerability​

    • Boundaries & Communication 

    • Executive Presence 

    • Emotional Agility 

As a former Chief of Staff, I understand the myriad issues, questions, challenges and projects that leaders have on their plates - and I know those projects don't always fit neatly into an easily defined or delegated box. My goal in all consulting work is to work seamlessly with leaders and their teams to define and tackle those complex projects, while bringing an outside perspective and a breadth of skills to help move them forward. 

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