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"The science shows that the secret to high performance isn't our biological drive or our reward-and-punishment drive, but our third drive - our deep-seated desire to direct our own lives, to extend and expand our abilities, and to make a contribution." 

- Daniel Pink, Drive 

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"Change is hard. Ask anyone who has tried to switch careers, develop a new skill, improve a relationship, or break a bad habit. And yet for most people change will at some point be necessary—a critical step toward fulfilling their potential and achieving their goals, both at work and at home. They will need support with this process. They’ll need a coach."  - Harvard Business Review

FAQs about Coaching

1. What is coaching?


The essence of coaching is a partnership - one that raises awareness and unlocks your personal and professional potential. There are just as many approaches to coaching as there are coaches. This is mine:


  • I serve you. My agenda is your agenda. Your goals are my goals. 

  • I don't give you the answers, because I don't have them. I believe you have the answers inside you, and our job is to find them together.

  • My first priority is that you feel safe, supported, and heard - without judgment.

  • My second priority is that you feel challenged. Being a true coach makes it my job to ask you the tough questions, challenge you when necessary, and help you hold yourself accountable to what you want in life.


 2. Who is coaching right for?


Anyone who wants to transform their life - or a part of their life - and is ready to take responsibility for making that change happen. Whether you're 17 or 71, coaching can help you develop self-awareness, discover meaningful insights, and take real action to move yourself forward.


3. What's the difference between Life Coaching & Leadership Coaching?

All coaching focuses on you, your motivations, your inner beliefs and thoughts, and your actions. The difference is in the goal of the work:


Life Coaching is a holistic process that centers your overall fulfillment and satisfaction in life. The areas we choose to focus on - career, family relationships, health, etc. - are specific to you and your goals.


Leadership Coaching is more focused on improving your impact as a leader, whether you want to inspire your team, get the next promotion, or define your leadership brand.


4. How is coaching structured?


We will work together for 6-12 months, meeting by phone or zoom every other week. After our introductory call, we will start with a deeper discovery session, where we explore what you are looking to get out of coaching, and what you're hoping to change in your life. We'll define your unique goals and set those as our north star for working together.


Throughout our time together, we will work through:

  • Identifying your core values - the guiding principles you use to make decisions and set priorities in your life

  • Building awareness and mindfulness - identifying the emotions and thoughts that are guiding your actions and decisions

  • Shifting limiting beliefs - consciously changing the thought and belief patterns that no longer serve you 

  • Creating a vision for where you want to go, and who you want to become - practicing new thoughts, exploring new identities, and iterating as needed


Because these practices only come to life within real-life situations and struggles, the specific topic and outcome of each session is determined by you. Together, we incorporate the right coaching tools to help you work through that topic and start to build toward your larger goals.

Have More Questions?

I get it. This work is a big commitment, and it can be a little daunting at first. Email me, or sign up for a zero-pressure introductory call, and I'll gladly answer any other questions. 

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