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About Me

I've made a lot of moves.


I was raised in small town Illinois, educated in big city Los Angeles (go Trojans), marinated in Denver, and am now settling down back in the Midwest (Indianapolis) with my Olympian wife and toddler son. 


I have been a Big Law lawyer, in-house counsel in a public company, a CEO's Chief of Staff, and the Chief Communications and Marketing Officer for a high-profile sports organization.


I have gone from being an individual contributor to being a leader, a facilitator, an executive, and now a coach.


I have become a wife and a mom.


I have come out (as gay), over and over again, to every new person I meet.


Every one of these transitions came out of some sticking point, a struggle between who I thought I was and who I wanted to become.

And for a long while, I dreaded that process - the questioning, the confusion, the pain of the in between. I knew it was necessary for growth, but I certainly did not enjoy it.  


But then I started to see that there is beauty and opportunity in that liminal space. Every struggle and every transition - even (maybe especially) the painful ones - provides an opportunity to connect to who you are now and redefine who you want to become. 


That is why I do this work now: to help individuals and organizations see that opportunity and the freedom that comes with those transitions; to help them consciously decide who and what they want to become; and to help them make the transformations necessary to get there.



Other Tidbits

  • Core Values: Courage, Learning, Leadership, Joy & Family

  • Top strengths (Clifton): Achiever, Learner, Arranger, Command, Individualization

  • Giving a talk at 8-months pregnant on the power of "What If?"

  • Talking about external validation, feedback and my former jobs on the What Didn't Kill You podcast 

  • Talking about Core Values, coaching and a whole lot on the Turmeric + Tequila podcast

  • Other things I love: coffee, intersectional feminism, reading actual books, lifting heavy things, debating for fun, most forms of exercise (sometimes running), all desserts made of chocolate and being in nature. 

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